New Awards!!

Last year I entered my first international photography competition.  I have been studying under Sue Bryce for a couple of years through her amazing educational site and was lucky enough to go to her workshop in Italy last year.  In September she launched The Portrait Masters, a massive conference and accreditation scheme which allows photographers from all around the world to submit images for judging by some the THE top international photographers.   Every image (and this year there were over 6500!) is judged and critiqued by 5 judges and points awarded.  There are 7 categories and three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each winning image is given a point which goes towards becoming an Associate, Master and finally Grand Portrait Master.  

The competition is extremely fierce and the winning images are AMAZING (you can see all the winners here

I am honoured and extremely proud to say that out of the 8 images I have submitted so far, I have 5 Bronze awards (the 3 that didn't make it were only 1 point away).  I am determined and focused to gain my Associates over the coming year and to keep pushing and learning to eventually become a Grand Master in my field.  

I would like to thank all my clients and models who have helped me along this journey.   


Beautiful Ballerina

Last week I had my first ballerina in the studio!  It was a beautiful shoot from start to finish and I loved every second of it. I am putting together a package for dancers including a beautiful portfolio box in which to display the images!



Prom night!

I had the pleasure of photographing beautiful Cheree before her prom.  It was really lovely that her brother was also involved in the pictures (he'd had his prom last year). They were both such willing models and looked so comfortable in front of the camera.